Monday, October 6, 2014

One for All, All for One

Hello! This topic will probably the hardest to tackle up until now, but please bear with me. We'll be diving into economic systems this time around.

Currently, we have a flawed version of Capitalism, which is gonna blow up if nothing is done. So... what is wrong about it?

Ideally, capitalism is not a bad system. It incentivizes people to produce more work by rewarding them with more resources (you work more, you get more $$$). The problem is, it brings out the worst of people: each one cares only about himself. Some people don't mind to run down others just for a few $$$.
Furthermore, this frenetic rhythm where everyone is pushed to produce more and more takes a lot of people beyond their breaking point: some give up, some do even worse.

This doesn't seem that bad... yet. I'll let a picture to say a thousand words about how capitalism is currently working.

World's Wealth Distribution

Do you really think the richest work that much? No comments.

As always: what is the alternative?

A lot of people say Communism doesn't work because it does not properly reward people for working more, so they will work the least they can and the system falls apart. And they are right.

With people's current mindset, communism doesn't work, just in the same way that democracy is pointless while most people believe that one of the candidates was chosen by god. It requires a shift in people's way of thinking. It requires everyone to understand we all win with everyone's work. It requires union, dedication for a common cause. And that, we can archieve!

Everyone could have resources for a comfortable life. No more unemployment and suffering. No more being a slave of the system.

For freedom! One for All, All for One!

What is your opinion? Can we make it?


  1. Good post , i liked your blog ! I think we'll never find a perfect because we'll never have a perfect and equal people . Your programs in Khan academy are great

    1. where do you learned to program like this?

    2. Thanks for your input! The hardest thing about programming, at least for me, is to decide about what I want to make. After that, I just have to adjust the code until it matches exactly the way I think :D

      About people not being perfect... yes, completely agree. Still, I believe we can build a perfect world on top of imperfect people

    3. Imperfection is a part of being human. If that's so, how can you build a perfect world? Wouldn't you need a perfect brain and state of mind? Plus, if it was all perfect, where would be the fun in living?

    4. The only thing you need is people to be able to understand each other. I certainly don't want a perfect world in a sense that every action you do has to be perfect.... But I do want one where people are free from economic interests, there is no war, no hunger, no one is left behind and so on.

    5. Anon here again:
      For that you are -assuming- that people understand each other, i.e., that all people are at least decently smart (1)/have a decent education (2).
      The problem with (1) is, guess what, ~70% do not meet that requirement (they are dumb as f*ck, there, i said it).
      The problem with (2) is that a bigger percentage (~90% IIRC) do not have a decent education (note: I'm not implying you need to have a barchelor or something, but you would need a good awareness of how the world -really- works and at least a few drops of common sense (and not none of the "hurr durr God OP", if you catch my drift).
      The solution is quite simple, it needed a seclusion of people of the few people who actually met (1) and (2), but although I'm not very bothered by that idea, I'm afraid most people would call that racist.

    6. I agree with you. That is what we have now. But going out and saying that everyone is a tard won't make things better, even though it might be true :D

      The very first step is to change mentalities. You can't end a dictatorship if people don't care about freedom.

      That's what I was trying to do when I created this blog. I won't ever stop trying :D

      Hey, aim for the stars and you might get the sky!