Friday, November 7, 2014

Dreaming with an Utopic World

I wrote "Power to the People" 3 months ago. Even though I didn't know it by that time, it was the start of a trilogy, which will be completed with this post, that talks about a perfect world. This trilogy tackles 3 fundamental problems:

  • Political system and freedom to choose your own fate;
  • Economic system, unemployment and distribution of resources;
  • World government and wars;

Let's start! I almost said it already... I want wars to end and people to stop hurting each other. I need to make things very clear here, otherwise I'll be misunderstood. I don't think there is any problem with two people fighting each other (like in a boxing match) as long as both of them are enjoying the experience. It gives life some color and it's definitely something I would like to keep.

What it's not OK is to bring spectators into the ring against their will. That's the problem with wars: collateral damage. They drag in and hurt people that had nothing to due with them.

So... how do we stop them? With a World Government. Instead of having ~195 countries across the world fighting against each other, we could have only 1 country, with one purpose: making everyone's life better.

This cannot be archived by 1 country conquering the others. The tension created would make everything fall apart quickly. It has to be an agreement, one that works greatly for everyone involved.

The Europe project came somewhat close to this concept, but it's failing. Most countries choose what's better for themselves and, with the crisis, that means to hurt the others (even though it will come to bite them later). USA are not far off too.

That's it! I believe with these suggestions we could live in a better world, more peaceful and enjoyable, without losing the colors that characterize this one.

"I dream with the day when mankind stands together for a common goal, as a true family". I dream, with an Utopic World.

Thanks for reading :D

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