Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Theory of understanding

I'll kick this one off with a really bold sentence: there are no bad people

"This guy is crazy!", you must be thinking. Well... I am. A lot. But I truly believe this way of thinking may lead to a different world... a better one. Please bear with me :D

As a physicist, I believe that everything has an explanation, even human behavior. This means that each time someone does something, he must have had a reason to, which could be as simple as: "I didn't think about it", or maybe as questionable as: "I hate dogs!". Let's not bring heavier stuff here, even though it's included too.

How many times did you get pissed off with someone? Maybe a few... maybe a lot. Did you try to understand him? Did you try to put yourself in his position? If you did, congratulations, you're halfway through (maybe you found out his reasons were questionable, I'll address that in a second); if not, please consider doing it next time. It will help you avoiding unnecessary hatred, which helps no one.

What if you understood his reasons and disagree with them? I found my answer to that too:

It's not easy to distinguish right from wrong. Actually, I believe it's impossible. A lot of people already wrote and said a lot of smart things about the matter, there is no need to reinvent the wheel here. Basically, what is right and wrong depends on what you find important and what you don't. And there is no way to prove someone right nor someone wrong.

Let me use and example to make things clear: one guy killed another. Maybe he was being robed, threatened and just defended himself? Let's assume worse case scenario: he gives no value to human life and just did it for fun. Cruel, isn't it?

So... what do we do? We ignore him just because "different people value different things"? That's not a good answer. 

Do we kill him too?  And after that we kill the killer's killer because equality. Not good.

Send him too jail? This is even worse. Kick a dog which bite you and there is a good chance it will bite you harder next time.

So what? what do we do? We help him! We teach him to live in society and show him the beauty of it. Nobody becomes a psychopath for the sake of it. Maybe it was society which rejected him in the first place... his friends laughing at him while he helps a older man crossing the streets.

This world is harsh sometimes. People get lost. Let's all get along and be happy, shall we?

Would very much appreciate to hear your thoughts on the matter. Thanks for reading!

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