Monday, February 23, 2015

Telepathy - A Link Between Souls

I can't stress enough how important communication and the ability to understand others are for a better society. If you think other people make wrong decisions, you simply don't understand them well enough. And that is problematic.

People get mad with each other. People fight. Wars and crimes... usually happen because someone somewhere misunderstood something. A different tone in a sentence is enough for it to have an whole new meaning.

Because communication is so important, it's crucial to have a communication system which is fault proof, that is, a brain to brain communication channel: a way to read minds directly. To be more concrete: a device that allows one to listen to other's thoughts at will.

It seems weird at first. Not being able to tell lies. Having people knowing about things we're ashamed of... but remember: tabus only happen because people are afraid to talk about them. We hide things because we think other's wouldn't understand. Deep down, we're all the same.

The adaptation period to such devices would be harsh. Traumatic even. But in the end, it would pay off. I'm sure it would. It would put an end to conflicts that cause so much pain and hatred.

While we wait for technology to allow people to resonate with each other, we try our best to understand what others think.

Thank you for trying.

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